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"Smart Tender" - Building Rehabilitation Facilitating Service

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A) Latest news (in chronological order)

- 2023.09.26 Suspension of User Accounts of Individual Consultant and Contractor
- 2023.06.09 URA – Notes for attention (Chinese only)
- 2021.04.28 Announcement to Minor Works Contractor - Class 2 for registration
- 2020.08.14 Arrangement of centralized tender collection (Chinese only)
- 2020.02.13 Preventive measures against the coronavirus epidemic for tender submission
- 2019.06.25 Announcement for Procurement of AP/RI via E-tendering Platform
- 2019.03.25 Announcement for registration in ET Platform by Registered Life Contractor
- 2019.01.21 Announcement for registration in ET Platform by Minor Works Contractor (Class 1)

B) User Manual (for Consultants (AP/RI) and Contractors)

1) User Manual of ET-Platform

C) Video Tutorial (for fill-in the “Schedule of Rate” (SoR))

1) 2023.07.03 For Authorized Person (AP) and Registered Inspector (RI) (AP/RI)
2) 2023.07.03 For Registered Lift Contractor (RLC)

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